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Francine Vale, 125,000+ Soul and Energy Healer!

Not alone, or for only one of us, but part of “All That Is” for all of us. This website is for you, my dear friends, and it is right on time as the energies around us shift into a higher frequency and each of us is being offered an opportunity to flow with these higher frequencies into a more fulfilling expression of our own unique soul energy.

More than a healer… 

“It could be said that golden light is embedded on every page. The language and arrangement of words on the pages of Song of the Heart was designed to bring greater awareness of the absolute necessity for love and the power of love to shift the energy at every turn in our lives. It was designed to transform and uplift the consciousness of its readers into a higher frequency never before available, yet available now for all who so desire and open to receive it.”

~ Song Of The Heart

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Song of the Heart: Walking the Path of Light

Meet Francine

A heart wide open, shining with love…”

Francine’s life story explores dimensions of time and space, the apparent as well as the unseen world, higher angelic realms composed of crystalline purity, frequencies of love and wisdom, as well as lower frequencies of self-serving human behavior, all existing simultaneously in the great oneness of creation and experienced in this thing we call “Life”.

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Vibrations of purest light radiate out from deep within the One Infinite Living Crystal Spiral; the heartbeat of the vast immeasurable spiral which encompasses All That Is.

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This is the heartbeat that breathes light eternally into the great Oneness. It is that which maintains and assures the continuity of life with all its ebbs and flows throughout the entire living, breathing spiral, renewing and regenerating itself …

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Pure Light

Pure light vibrations radiating out from the Heart of God surge forth and flow through the walls of Living Crystal, thus calling forth into the Structure of All That Is, vibrations of sound.

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Reviews From Around The Globe

Read more of the amazing reviews from Francine’s fans!

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“Thank God for people on this planet like Francine Vale. With her open heart, her open mind and so many lessons to teach us about how beautiful it can be to be human here if you keep your life fluid. And how sometimes things we can’t see, she teaches us are the most important.” Her book, “Song of the Heart: Walking the Path of Light” is a book that will open your heart.”
Brad Johns, Celebrity Haircolorist
“Francine Vale’s book, “Song of the Heart: Walking the Path of Light”, took me on a deep journey, one in which had me identify a lot with some of my own family dynamics. Her story is such a testament of someone taking their own experiences and creating them into good and being of service. Her book is not only healing but also had me see that there is a healer in each one of us if we allow ourselves to remain open. I’m so thankful that she took the time to share her life with us on an intimate level. Francine is a gift to the world.”
Leora Edut, Creator of “Goddess on the Go”
Just to let you know that some members of DNNY have remarked to me after your presentation that it was one of the very best presentations that we have had! I wanted you to hear that.
I will post to DNNY members on our Yahoo Groups any announcements that you may have.
Best, Nick”
Nick Curto, Disclosure Network N.Y.
“To walk the path with Francine Vale is to know the ever-present glow of the angel’s wings, for Francine does not walk alone. She brings with her luminosity and absolute love—and, if you’re ready to be embraced, she will impart those to you, too. Beyond the intellect, beyond the comings and goings of the transactional world, beyond even the mind, the message of “Song of the Heart: Walking the Path of Light” is one of love, of letting go of fear, of healing, of experiencing the joy of free will and the intangible insight of the divine. Open and unfold the heart, and in its abundance, see the message Francine is conveying. It is for everyone. It is all.”
Kurt Lindsey
“Francine’s memoir and life journey is truly fascinating! She shares how angel spirits impart their life-earned secrets and guide her toward her true calling and what she was put on this earth to do: become a spiritual healer, spreading the message to open our hearts to others and ourselves.”
Pam Nochlin
“Dear Francine,

So, I am at the part of your book where you are in your house on Flower St. I have to tell you that I believe what is happening for me as I read your life story, is it is bringing up so much for me and layers and layers of old memories are coming up to be looked at and healed. While I didn’t have the exact same things happen to me, there is a similar theme and patterns that you experienced that I also experienced in my life. I’m not sure if others reading your book feel your life as deeply as I am feeling it. This is experiential for me. There are many times I have to put your book down and just cry. My heart aches for what you have lived through. It just makes me love your strength and perseverence even more. I continue to see, feel, and hear your life story even after I have put your book down. I’m sure that’s why spirit encouraged you to write the way you have written this information. It’s to come alive for those who read it.

You are an amazing Mother. I wish I had been half the Mother that you are. Also, having met you at a time when you laid your husband to rest, I find it interesting to learn about his life and how he treated you and his family. I thought my mother-in-law created havoc in my life and was difficult….it’s nothing compared to how you were treated by your in-laws. Francine, I am learning so much about how to look for the golden nuggets in life no matter what has been tossed your way through your experience. What a lovely gift. I wish I had lived close to you and had been able to be a friend to you earlier in your life. I’m so glad I met you and I am looking forward to see how everything continues to unfold. You are having quite an impact on my life.

Big hugs and happy Monday to you! Thank you for sharing your life.”

Linda Smith, 11.24.14

Remarkable Life Journey

In ‘Song of the Heart’ Francine Vale Reveals Secrets of Self and Global Healing!

Principles of Sacred Spiritual Healing: All people of planet Earth are being called on with urgency to manifest healing on Earth for your planet is in grave danger.We call on all of humanity in this present moment to enter into a state of complete dedication to the healing of all wars and conflict on every level of human interaction; within one’s own domicile, locally, nationally, or on a global scale.

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Viewing Life from a Higher Perspective

Learning from pure Spirit whose only purpose is to bring enlightenment to humanity. My spirit guide teaches me how to view life on Earth from the perspective of the Endless World where all is Truth, not according to the restrictive laws of man but according to the eternal Laws of Creation. 

To All People Of Planet Earth

Now is the time to become aware of these sacred truths: Open your minds, open your hearts and allow these sacred truths to uplift your consciousness. In love and in peace we are all one.

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 How Many People Have Experienced Angel Sightings Over Time? 

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